Sales of theatrical clothes and disguises (jabot shirts with or without lace, cape, hats, wigs and Venetian masks, vests and old trousers) for all public, weddings, fancy dress, costumers, and public spectacles.

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Headgear. Hairdressing of man, customarily of strained material, wool or hair, and that has a shape with sides. To put, to keep, to remove, to pull, to drive his/her/its hat. Hat of silk, hat covered of a silk plush. Hat edged, hat galonné.
He/it would have written gladly on his/her/its hat: It is I that am Guillot, shepherd of this herd, MAKE IT. Fabl. III, 3.
One may knock and to remove me his/her/its hat [to greet me], RAC. Plaid. I, 1.
Blank hat, hat that is not dyed.
Fig. and familiarly. Stroke of hat, greeting.
To carry the hand to the hat, to make a light salute.
Fig. and familiarly. To drive his/her/its hat, to summon up courage; to take airs of matamore.
To put his/her/its hat amiss, to take a menacing tone.
To put low hat, to remove his/her/its hat.
All bigger monsieurs spoke to me low hat, RAC. Plaid. I, 1.
Low hat! Low hat! Glory to the marquis of Carabas! BÉRANG. Carab.

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